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Our growing charging network is partnering with other leading charging networks to offer Smarter Charging to you.


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Use your favorite charging network card at Nimbnet without extra roaming charges.

We are building a better open network of EV chargers in Sweden. Instead of signing up with Nimbnet, use your favorite charging app at our stations.

At the start of the journey, plug in your destination and optimal arrival time into the Nimbnet App. The App will calculate the best routes with the suggested charging stops and how much to charge at each stop to keep power expenditures and battery wear to the minimum.

By keeping to the optimum range for the battery, temperature and route, overall charging times are decreased.

Nimbnet Gavle to Umea

smarter charging

Nimbnet Charger

Where You Need Us

We are placing our charging stations in strategic, convenient locations where YOU Need us to be.

fast chargers

The Nimbnet chargers helps you charge with up to 350kW. With many stations and 2-4 charging points per station, we can get you back on the road quickly.

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