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Emissions from Swedish domestic transports count for a third of Sweden’s total green house gas emissions. We have to act now, we have to enable ALL of Sweden to switch to greener vehicles in order to have a chance to reach the 1.5°C Target.
A Nimble Charging Network for Green Transports Connecting all of Sweden
from Kiruna to Malmö.
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filling in the blank spots

Nimbnet is building our EV charging stations in the gaps between other networks. We calculate that Sweden needs a heavy truck charging station roughly every 100 kilometers.

ALL of Sweden has to be part of the new electric transportation networks including rural areas.

Our first four stations will be  located on the core trans-European transport network (TEN-T). 

We are an OPEN network to enable customers of other networks to also use our chargers. Only cooperation and coordination will help us solve the impending climate crisis.


Nimbnet Gavle to Umea

Batteries are the most expensive part of your electric truck. Proper charging management can significantly increase the lifespan of the battery, radically decreasing the Total Cost of Ownership over the life-span of a truck.

At the start of the journey, the driver enters the destination and optimal arrival time into the Nimbnet App. The App will calculate the best routes with the suggested charging stops and how much to charge at each stop to keep power expenditures and battery wear to the minimum.

By keeping to the optimum range for the battery, temperature and route, overall charging times are decreased.

By practicing smarter charging, the practical life-span of a EV battery can be extended up to 400%.

It seems counter intuitive, but by stopping more often and charging less, you can save time since most batteries charges faster in the 10-60% range of charge.

your trucks

Nimbnet Charger


Let us know where YOU suggest we set up a new charging point.

Our goal is for all of Sweden to be convenient for the electric trucks to service. You know your local areas. Pitch us on where there should be a Nimbnet Charging Station! 

Fill in a short survey and our location expansion team will study the proposal. Bring people and opportunities to your community.


Climate Crisis

IPCC – “Now or never”

UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says that to stay under 1.5°C, all carbon emissions MUST peak by 2025. Cooperate with Nimbnet to enable Sweden to electrify our transportation sector NOW!

Nimbnet News

Find out more about how we help electrifying Sweden and how zero-emission vehicles help fight the climate disaster.
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