Tesla recently held its highly anticipated Investor Day at the Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, where the company’s CEO Elon Musk revealed his Master Plan 3, in which Tesla aims to lead the effort in eliminating fossil fuels and converting to a 100% sustainable, electrified future. Musk is hopeful that this will be achievable by 2050. He also announced the development of the Model 2, a $25,000 electric vehicle, expected to be available in three years that will make electric cars more accessible to the general public. This is exciting news for Nimbnet, whose mission is to build a vast network of charge points to support both personal and heavy transports, and strive for a fully electric future.

Elon Musk emphasized the importance of renewable energy in achieving a sustainable future, stating that the world needs 30 TW of renewable energy production and 240 TWh of storage. According to Musk, the infrastructure needed to produce and store all the renewable energy would only require 0.2% of the world’s surface, and even less if solar and wind fields are off-shore. By comparison, only 1.5% of Sweden’s land is in urban development.

Tesla’s plan to eliminate fossil fuels are focused in five areas of work:

  1. Renewably power the existing grid
  2. To switch to electric vehicles
  3. Switch home, business, industry heating to heat pumps
  4. High-temperature heat storage and delivery and hydrogen use for industrial chemical processes
  5. Sustainably fuel planes and boats

Musk’s Master Plan 3 projects it will cost $10 trillion – 10% of the 2022 global GDP – to attain this vision. He stated that this is “not a big number relative to the global economy”. He also encouraged that “there is a clear path to sustainable energy on Earth,” and that “it doesn’t require destroying natural habitats. It doesn’t require us to be austere and stop using electricity and sort of be in the cold or anything.”

Another exciting announcement made was the development of the Model 2, a $25,000 electric vehicle in the next three years. The Model 2 is part of Tesla’s mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy and reduce the cost of electric vehicles. Musk stated that the company has been working hard to develop a cheaper battery and reduce manufacturing costs to half of what it costs to assemble the Model 3 and Model Y. The vehicle will be built on the Next Generation Platform enabling a 50% reduction in factory footprint by using 75% less silicon carbide and supporting any battery chemistry. He stated that Tesla’s vehicles are designed around automated manufacturing, which has allowed for the reduction in factory footprint.

Overall, Tesla’s Investor Day was full of exciting announcements and electrifying plans for the future. The Model 2 is set to revolutionize the electric vehicle market by offering a high-quality, affordable option for consumers. Additionally, Tesla’s commitment to renewable energy and streamlined manufacturing processes are important steps toward achieving a sustainable future for all. To make electric vehicles more affordable means wider adaptation by the general public. Nimbnet aims to support this goal by building a vast network of charge points for a greener future.

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Image Source: Tesla