20230503 Nordmaling, Sweden

To support the electrification of heavy timber transports, the municipality of Nordmaling is selling land at Strandvägen in Rundvik to Nimbnet, which will set up a fast charging station where, for example, timber trucks to and from the local sawmill can be charged.

With seven charging points and a total output of 1.5 MW, the new station will be the largest fast charging station in the municipality. Thanks to the equipment from Kempower with adaptive voltage regulation, continuous charging with up to 350 kW is offered. The station is being built with the support of the Swedish Energy Agency as a regional pilot for the electrification of heavy traffic.

SCA, which operates the sawmill in Rundvik, together with the research institute Skogsforsk, maintains and tests electric timber trucks connected to the paper mill in Obbola. They have also applied for permission to, together with the company Holmen, build a new sawmill on the other side of the road from the new charging station, which could open up further opportunities for electrified transport.

“It is fantastic to work together with the municipality of Nordmaling on this ground-breaking project. We look forward to hopefully being able to support SCA and Holmen in their environmental work and also take care of their drivers in the best possible way while their trucks are being loaded,” says Torbjörn Nordling, Project Manager at Nimbnet. “Nordmaling will be at the absolute forefront of environmentally friendly forestry.”

Although Nimbnet’s new charging station is mainly for heavy forest transport, passenger cars, both local and those passing on the E4an just 750 meters away, will also be able to charge there. The charging station also enables the electrification of at least one bus line, which will further contribute to cleaner air, lower traffic noise and less climate impact in the municipality.

Nimbnet’s future dynamic booking system helps commercial truck operators plan reliable delivery routes and schedules in advance to minimize overall waiting times and maximize fleet utilization. At the same time, Nimbnet’s future dynamic pricing provides incentives to charge when there is plenty of power at a lower price. Everything to accelerate electrification by enabling safe and profitable transport with battery electric vehicles.

Nimbnet’s new station is part of Virta’s charging network. It connects the station in Nordmaling with 70,000 charging stations in 34 countries.

Now we are looking for construction project managers, construction contractors, electricians, excavators and shafts, earth transport and fellers to make the station a reality. “Ideally, we want to find local skills so that as many people as possible in the village can feel proud of the charging station when it is ready. Get in touch if you want to contribute to climate change,” concludes Torbjörn. The new station will begin construction in June and be ready for inauguration in May 2024.

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