At Nimbnet, we’re not only charging electric vehicles, we’re also charging forward with women leading the way. Our team is diverse in many ways, but today, we highlight the strong group of women we have in our startup environment. In a male dominated-industry, women building a community for themselves is important.

Empowered by Flexibility and Support

We understand that achieving a healthy work-life balance is crucial for everyone. That’s why we offer flexible work arrangements, allowing employees to tailor their schedules to their at-home needs. Many of our employees have children and, occasionally, we get a brief meet-and-greet that brightens everyone’s day. This fosters an understanding and empathy by acknowledging that parenting is just as important as, if not more than, work. Nimbnet is a supportive environment where women can thrive both professionally and personally.

In our team, we have Christine, who is instrumental in securing land for our charging stations, while also being a dedicated mother to her son. We’re also joined by Huong, who is our construction manager and a loving mother of two children.

Screenshot of women and children at Nimbnet

Women-only Space

We recognize the power of connection and support in a world of remote work and virtual meetings. That’s why we created a chat room specifically for the women in our company to have casual chit-chat. This safe space fosters psychological safety and belonging, as evidenced by studies conducted by the UC Santa Cruz Women’s Center. ( This chat transcends simple communication; it fosters open dialogue, peer-to-peer encouragement, and a space to celebrate each other’s achievements within and outside of our scope of work. Inês, our architect, works tirelessly with our station designs, ensuring we have a practical layout for truck charging yet brightens our day with words of encouragement and support. Our chat builds a wider support network at times when remote work might feel lonely, and hopefully, lasting friendships for when we’re not working.

Empowering women isn’t about exclusivity

While this blog highlights Nimbnet’s work environment surrounding our women, it’s crucial to emphasise that we are not advocating for exclusivity. We firmly believe in the power of flexibility and open discussion, where diverse voices and perspectives are essential for achieving sustainable progress. We encourage everyone, regardless of gender, to engage with Nimbnet, share their insights, and join the conversation.