The future of sustainable transportation has just shifted into high gear with the launch of Nimbnet’s first fast charging station at GotlandRing. This monumental development marks a significant leap forward for Nimbnet. The charger is now live, public, and available for trucks and personal cars. What’s even more remarkable is that this initiative is the result of a joint effort between Virta, Kempower, Nimbnet, OneCo, and Gotland Ring, showcasing the power of collaboration in driving sustainability.


Gotland Ring: Where Racing Meets Sustainability

Before we explore the electrifying implications of Nimbnet’s charging station, let’s take a closer look at Gotland Ring itself. Known as the world’s most sustainable race circuit, Gotland Ring is a 4.53-mile (7.29 km) eco-friendly race and test circuit situated on the historic Swedish island of Gotland. This circuit operates within an official eco-region and proudly utilizes 100 percent renewable energy, setting a benchmark for eco-conscious racing facilities worldwide.

GotlandRing has a rich history of pioneering sustainability and e-mobility initiatives, including the groundbreaking SmartRoad Gotland project, the world’s first electric road system with dynamic charging. This endeavor, in collaboration with other Nordic partners, has demonstrated Gotland Ring’s commitment to driving the future of sustainable transportation.


TopGear’s Sustainable Speed Week: A Milestone Event

Adding to the excitement, Gotland Ring recently played host to TopGear’s first-ever low-carbon Speed Week from August 31 to September 3, 2023. This event features test drives of the latest performance cars launched within the past year, including petrol, hybrid, and pure-electric models. The highlight of the event was the crowning of the 2023 performance car of the year.

What makes this Speed Week truly exceptional is its commitment to sustainability. Jack Rix, Editor-in-chief of TopGear, expressed the vision behind the event, saying, “We had the idea to create an event with embedded sustainability throughout, that lost none of the drama and excitement associated with TopGear’s world-famous Speed Week. All the fun, a lot less carbon.”

The choice of venue for this eco-conscious event was no coincidence. GotlandRing’s two-decade-long dedication to sustainability made it the perfect location for TopGear’s vision. The circuit’s 100 percent renewable energy, combined with its pioneering initiatives like SmartRoad Gotland, has made it a sustainability leader both in its field and beyond.

TopGear’s Speed Week coincided with GotlandRing’s 20-year anniversary, adding an extra layer of celebration and significance to the event. This milestone is a testament to Gotland Ring’s commitment to driving innovation in motorsports and sustainability.

Technical Specifications of Nimbnet’s Charging Station

Now, let’s dive into the technicalities at Nimbnet’s charging station. Two Kempower Liquid Cooled Satellites were installed to the GotlandRing race track. The Kempower Liquid Cooled Satellites are powered with 600 kW of charging power from a triple Kempower Power Unit cabinet, allowing a charging speed of up to 400 kW. The actual power delivered is typically determined by the vehicle’s capabilities, ensuring safe and efficient charging.

To enhance accessibility and convenience, Nimbnet’s charging station is seamlessly integrated into Virta’s cloud-based charging station management platform. This ensures that the charger is easily accessible to all EV drivers, with a range of convenient payment options available. What’s more, this station is part of Virta’s extensive roaming network, comprising 400,000 charging points, enabling 500,000 EV drivers to charge using their preferred existing payment solutions.


A Sustainable Speed Week

To ensure that TopGear’s Speed Week aligns with its sustainability goals, electric and bio-fuel trucks were used for transportation, EVs were charged with 100 percent renewable energy produced on-site, and combustion engines were powered by biofuel. The event also relied on locally sourced partners for accommodation and food, further reducing its carbon footprint.

Nimbnet’s fast charging station launch at Gotland Ring marks an exciting beginning in the motorsports industry. It not only provides a powerful charging solution for EVs but also serves as a testament to the potential of collaborative efforts in achieving a greener future. Gotland Ring, with its long-standing commitment to sustainability, has proven to be the ideal host for TopGear’s groundbreaking low-carbon Speed Week. This event signifies that the thrill of racing can coexist harmoniously with environmental responsibility, setting a promising precedent for the world of motorsports and sustainable mobility.

Before we conclude, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to OneCo, the construction company responsible for bringing Nimbnet’s fast charging station at Gotland Ring to life. OneCo, an industrial group with core expertise in electrical, automation, power, and telecom solutions, played a pivotal role in ensuring that this station became a reality.

Huong from Nimbnet with Staff from OneCo in front of a Kempower charger

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