Last week, retail giant Walmart revealed plans to install EV charging stations in thousands of its U.S. stores by 2030, aiming to offer a “clean, bright and safe” charging experience for all electric car owners.

Walmart is expanding its EV fast-charging network by including Walmart and Sam’s Club locations nationwide to enhance its contribution to the EV revolution. It is taking steps to make its charging stations more accessible to EV owners across the country, facilitated by approximately 1,300 EV stations operating at 280 locations.

Convenient, accessible charging

Walmart claims it has a “unique position” to provide a convenient charging solution to EV owners. With stores and wholesale warehouses positioned within 10 miles of nearly 90 percent of Americans, it is poised to offer “Every Day Low Cost charging” to its customers at Supercenters, Neighborhood Markets and Sam’s Clubs.

Per Reuters, Walmart is in the process of identifying suppliers for its national network of EV charging stations. The big-box retailer expects to install an average of four chargers at each participating store.

Analysts have pointed out that Walmart’s plan to provide electric vehicle charging stations in thousands of its U.S. stores could tackle a persistent problem with existing charging locations — the scarcity of amenities and charging spots in rural areas. By targeting coast-to-coast coverage, the retail giant aims to provide a solution to this issue.

Walmart is also exploring EVs for home deliveries. As part of this initiative, the company has struck a deal with General Motors’ BrightDrop for its electric fleet.

EV charging stations are becoming an increasingly popular addition to the parking lots and facilities of retailers such as grocers, mall operators and restaurants. This new shift has the potential to challenge the established dominance of convenience stores and fuel centers, which have long been associated with liquid fuels.