Volvo Group announced its first quarter results last week on Thursday, revealing that it delivered a total of 683 fully electric trucks — up 254 percent year-over-year — during the first three months of 2023.

The group expanded its electric deliveries in various sectors of its business, such as construction equipment (202), buses (34) and engines (20). In Europe alone, Volvo’s electric heavy-duty market share surged 50.2 percent to almost one-third of the market.

In the first quarter, Volvo Trucks achieved several significant milestones. These include commencing the production of heavy-duty rigid electric trucks in Sweden, collaborating with Boliden to deploy electric trucks for underground mining and launching Mack Truck’s first full electric medium-duty truck for North America.

The Q1 2023 report shows a significant increase compared to the 193 deliveries made in Q1 2022, indicating a steady rise in zero-emission deliveries.

Among the EV trucks delivered, Volvo accounted for 350. Meanwhile, French commercial truck manufacturer Renault Trucks had 331 (128 heavy and medium duty, 203 light duty) and American manufacturing firm Mack contributed two.

Toward Net-Zero Value Chain

The Swedish multinational manufacturing firm is well-known for its leadership in the global truck, bus and construction equipment industry, as well as its production of marine and industrial engines.

Volvo Group has a history of introducing innovative products and features, such as the three-point safety harness, designs that improve efficiency and the first fully integrated sleeper compartment.

In 2019, Volvo Group launched its first-ever electric truck FL Electric, which was a major step towards achieving sustainability in the industry.

Subsequently, the company introduced the VNR Electric, equipped with a larger battery pack, providing a higher range.

Volvo added three enormous 44-ton heavy-duty electric trucks to its zero-emission commercial vehicle range in the past year. This expansion has made Volvo’s portfolio the most comprehensive in the industry.

As a result of its pioneering efforts, Volvo Group is seeing impressive results, with electric truck deliveries surging by 254 percent in the first quarter alone.

Volvo Group has set its sights on achieving 35 percent of its total sales from fully electric vehicles by 2030 as it steps towards realizing a net-zero value chain by 2040.


The Volvo Group is a Swedish multinational manufacturing corporation headquartered in Gothenburg. While its core activity is the production, distribution and sale of trucks, (wikipedia)

Volvo Cars

Volvo Cars is a Swedish multinational manufacturer of luxury vehicles headquartered in Torslanda, Gothenburg. The company manufactures SUVs, station wagons, and sedans. (wikipedia)