Volta Trucks, a pioneering company specializing in producing and providing all-electric commercial vehicles, has announced its plans to expedite the introduction of its products to the Swedish market.

With the decision, the company aims to meet the increasing demand and leverage the positive reception from potential regional customers.

The transportation industry in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö relies heavily on medium duty trucks to transport goods. Among the various solutions available, the Volta Zero, an all-electric vehicle offered in 16 and 18-tonne variants, emerges as one of the ideal choices to meet this sector’s demands.

In order to enhance its safety, the design of the Volta Zero diverges from the conventional truck configuration by positioning the driver in a lowered position.

The vehicle also has a glass house-style cab design to enhance safety by providing the driver with an extensive 220-degree direct vision. Advanced camera technology improves visibility in all directions, ensuring the driver maintains an optimal awareness of the surroundings.

The Volta Zero has sliding doors on both sides of the cabin, allowing the driver to quickly enter or exit the vehicle onto the pavement. With its low cabin design, there is no need for the driver to climb up and down from a traditional truck cab, making entry and exit more convenient.

Revolutionizing urban delivery with medium duty vehicles

Volta Trucks Carl-Magnus Norden’s founder highlighted Sweden’s strong heritage in commercial vehicle manufacturing. According to him, Volta Trucks has recognized an exciting opportunity for urban deliveries in the medium duty segment.

He also said that Volta Zero had been meticulously designed as an all-electric vehicle with zero tailpipe emissions, prioritizing safety and sustainability in urban transportation. “We care about cities, their people, and our planet,” said Norden.

Volta Trucks’ CEO, Essa Al-Saleh, said the company is currently in discussion with multiple major transport companies in Sweden to provide them with vehicles from its customer test fleet, which will allow customers to evaluate the vehicle’s performance under local conditions in the near future.

Volta Trucks

Founded in 2019, Volta Trucks manufactures and provides services for zero-tailpipe emission electric trucks. The company’s registered offices are Stockholm, Sweden, and London, UK, (wikipedia)

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