Well-known Swedish waste management and recycling services provider Urbaser has introduced Mercedes’ first eEconic garbage truck to its fleet to enhance its operations.

The electric vehicle, supplied by Veho Import AB, was provided mainly to Urbaser’s Stockholm branch and will be responsible for collecting household waste on Kungsholmen.

CEO of Urbaser AB, Per-Eric Bjurenborg, said that the company recognized the promising prospects of the eEconic garbage truck. The Urbaser team then took the initiative to visit Wörth to examine a pre-production model and ordered twenty units to serve the Swedish and Danish markets.

According to the CEO, Urbaser already has six eEconic trucks operational in Denmark. These vehicles typically have around 50-60 percent battery charge remaining by the end of the day, considering their daily workload of 600-700 waste collections.

With a dedicated workforce of over 500 employees and a fleet of 300 vehicles, Urbaser serves municipalities and municipal companies. Its operations span approximately 25 municipalities in Sweden, and have expanded its reach to over 25 countries worldwide.

Urbaser’s Transition to Electric Vehicles

The decision to transition to electric vehicles was influenced by Urbaser’s client Stockholm Vatten och Avfall, who demanded 100 percent electric garbage collection. The client also set specific standards for noise levels.

Bjurenborg said the significant advantage of the eEconic’s electric drive is that it noticeably reduces noise compared to its gas-powered counterpart. According to him, this distinction becomes evident and dramatically enhances the overall driving experience during garbage collection operations.

Commenting on the announcement, the eMobility Manager at Veho Import AB, Pär Hildestrand, believed that eEconic had garnered considerable recognition in the cleaning industry. He also mentioned the company’s satisfaction and pride in introducing an industry-specific all-electric version tailored to the industry’s needs.

The eEconic employs the ePowertrain drive technology, which offers better motor efficiency and energy recovery when braking, surpassing traditional diesel engines. This feature makes it ideal for urban operations with frequent stops and starts.

The eEconic has a total capacity of 336 kWh with three battery packs. It allows for convenient battery charging during depot stops, offering the capability to charge from 20 percent to 80 percent in approximately one hour, with a maximum output of up to 160 kW.