Swedish and Dutch customers can now pre-order two luxury electric cars from Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Zeekr which operates under Geely Automobile.

According to the company, Zeekr plans to deliver the Zeekr 001 and Zeekr X SUV in the autumn this year. Prices for the Zeekr 001 start at €59,490 and the Zeekr X at €44,990. These prices include taxes.

During a launch event in Gothenburg, Zeekr head of European operations Spiros Fotinos said Sweden and the Netherlands have made significant progress in the EV market. Fotinos highlighted that this advantageous position allows Zeekr to gain insights from consumers in these countries before expanding to other European markets.

Zeekr has set its sights on entering the markets of Denmark, Germany, France, and Norway by 2024. Speaking to Reuters, Fotinos said that the company envisions an ambitious plan to expand its presence across most of Western Europe by 2026.

“The aim, of course, is for us to be present in important segments in the European market,” Fotinos said. “I think everyone is trying to squeeze that inefficiency out, because costs are increasing.”

Zeekr has announced its intention to open flagship stores in Stockholm and Amsterdam by the end of the year, but the company’s main focus will be on online sales rather than establishing an extensive dealership network.

Another Geely Venture

This month, Swedish automaker Polestar announced a strategic alliance with Xingji Meizu, a prominent company specializing in mobile devices and consumer electronics. Through this venture, the Geely group is furthering its efforts to tailor cars for Chinese consumers.

Geely Automobile Holdings chairman Li Shufu who owns Meizu holds a significant stake in Polestar. According to Polestar, the company plans to develop an operating system for its electric cars in the Chinese market using Xingji Meizu’s recently launched Flyme Auto system.

The system will be able to integrate with mobile phones and in-car applications. It’s worth noting that Polestar currently manufactures all its vehicles in China.

The joint venture’s ownership structure will be divided, with the Swedish group holding 49 percent and providing funding contributions of $98 million. Xingji Meizu will hold 51 percent and contribute funding of $102 million.


Zeekr is a premium electric automobile brand owned by Geely Automobile Holdings. Founded in 2021, it specializes in electric cars. As a smart mobility technology company, (wikipedia)


Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd. , commonly known as Geely , is a Chinese multinational automotive company headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. (wikipedia)