Sweden’s Scania AB has launched the world’s first all-electric auto transporter, the 24-ton Scania P 25.

The transporter is equipped with a 230 kWh battery and German manufacturer Kässbohrer‘s body and trailer for “simple, safe and quick loading and unloading.” German logistics giant ARS Altmann Automobillogistik recently put the vehicle into service.

Thiemo Freyer, Scania’s product manager for electric mobility, explained that the P 25 could transport up to eight cars with a combined weight of 42 tons.

The model can be fully charged in under 90 minutes, allowing it to begin its next journey with a fully charged battery soon after a loading and unloading session.

Positive feedback

The vehicle received positive reviews following its launch, including from ARS Altmann drivers.

“The first impressions of the truck are tremendous! The handling is very good, and compared to the diesel, it is lively,” Manfred Rakoczi, one of Scania P 25’s first drivers, told Scania.

The P 25 model is the company’s latest addition to its all-electric vehicles lineup. Previously in June 2022, Scania AB released its first regional long-haul electric truck. Equipped with six batteries (624 kWh), it covers 217 miles of range.

The following month, the company delivered its first electric timber truck with a massive capacity of 80 tons. SCA, Europe’s largest private forest owner, uses this particular model.

Scania AB also delivered Norway’s largest electric truck last month, which weighs 66 tons and is set to transport 120,000 tons of lime annually. This vehicle aims to reduce approximately 156 tons worth of emissions on the route. The company aims to make electric vehicles constitute 10 percent of its total sales by 2025 and 50 percent by 2030

Scania AB is also working with commercial truck manufacturers Volvo Trucks and Daimler to establish a public charging network across Europe. This partnership will install at least 1,700 eco-friendly charging stations to support the shift to zero-emission commercial transportation.

Scania PRT-range

The Scania PRT-range , also referred to as new truck range or Scania’s truck range, is the current range of trucks produced by the Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer Scania. (wikipedia)

Scania AB

Scania AB is a major Swedish manufacturer headquartered in Södertälje, focusing on commercial vehicles—specifically heavy lorries, trucks and buses. (wikipedia)