Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Nio has opened its third battery swap station in Sweden, strategically located at Kungsälvsmotet along the E6 highway. It complements the existing station in Varberg, strengthening the infrastructure along the Swedish west coast.

According to Mattias Lundgren, Nio Sweden’s general manager, the newly opened power swap station, each has 13 batteries and can perform 12 battery swaps per hour in merely five minutes, offers an easy and convenient way to travel along the E6 highway and serves as an important charging point for Nio drivers in the Västra Götaland region.

Lundgren also mentioned that this is just the start of Nio’s expansion in Sweden, with the opening of the next station in a few weeks.

“Our new Power Swap Station in Kungälv makes traveling along the E6 smooth and easy. It will be an important charging point for Nio users in the Västra Götaland region,” Lundgren said, as quoted by Allt om Elbil in Swedish.

“But this is just the beginning, we will open the next station in just a few weeks, and the expansion in Sweden will continue with a number of new stations in 2023.”

Nio Sweden’s head of power, Kajsa Ivansson Sognefur, also confirmed that the company had signed contracts for multiple new stations set to open throughout the year.

Nio had previously established two power swap stations in Sweden — located in Varberg and Mantorp. It also intends to launch additional battery swap stations nationwide in 2023. The upcoming station in Mariestad is set to open in the summer.

Meanwhile, Sweden, Denmark and Germany are testing electric road systems (ERS) to address EV challenges, such as uneven grid loads and charging infrastructure. ERS charges moving vehicles using loops in or next to roads or wires above vehicles, reducing the need for parking and large batteries to store energy.

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