Mercedes-Benz Trucks is gearing up to launch an enhanced version of its electric truck, the eActros 600. This updated iteration, previously referred to as the “Long Haul” model, will undergo a revamp and boast an extended range of 50 miles, surpassing the previous eActros variant with a maximum capacity of 40 miles.

The “600” in eActros 600 represents two essential specifications. First, it signifies the size of the battery pack, which comprises three packs with a combined capacity of 600 kWh. It also represents the maximum power output of 600 kW that can be achieved from the two electric motors that propel the truck.

The eActros 600 utilizes lithium-iron-phosphate batteries known for their extended lifespan and increased usable energy. The Mercedes-Benz Trucks development team aims for the production model’s batteries to be capable of charging from 20 to 80 percent in under 30 minutes at a charging station with an output of approximately one megawatt.

With its high battery capacity and an efficient in-house developed electric drive axle, the eActros 600 can cover approximately 500 kilometers without intermediate charging.

According to the CEO of Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Karin Rådström, the eActros 600 would establish new standards in cost-effectiveness for customers while presenting a substantial opportunity for reducing CO2 emissions. Rådström also believes that this truck would set a new benchmark in road freight transport.

eActros 600 Production

Commenting on the announcement, the head of Global Powersystems Operation at Daimler Truck, Yaris Pürsün, highlighted the shift towards e-mobility in production with the eActros 600. He said this transition involves the Mercedes-Benz Powersystems plants in Mannheim, Kassel, and Gaggenau.

He also said that Daimler Truck had established a network of competence centers dedicated to electric drive components to prepare for this shift.

Pürsün said that these centers are actively preparing for the series production of the next generation of power units, reflecting the company’s commitment to embracing electric vehicle technology.

The eActros 600 will be manufactured at the existing assembly line in the Wörth production plant, running simultaneously and adaptably alongside the diesel-engine-equipped trucks. All electric drive components, including the e-axle, high-voltage batteries, and complex front box module, will be installed at this facility.