More and more Swedish citizens and companies are shifting to electric vehicles and embracing emerging technologies, as evidenced by the increasing number of municipalities providing EV charging stations upon request.

The municipality of Flen has decided to auction off two fast chargers in Flen and Malmköping. As part of the terms of the sale, the chargers must remain in their current locations, and the highest bidder must also offer charging services to the public.

The municipality has released a comprehensive document outlining the purchase terms for ABB Terra 53 chargers, although their condition is uncertain. The buyer can exchange them for new chargers of equivalent or better technology.

Among other conditions, payment must be made per kWh and via card. The municipality will take care of cleaning and parking monitoring for the charging points. At the time of writing, bidding has reached SEK 5,000.

EVs growth in Sweden

There are ongoing plans to expand the groundbreaking technology used in the world’s first electric charging road to other parts of the country.

At the same time, policymakers in Sweden are actively working towards a more environmentally-friendly future, intending to allow EV owners to drive and charge their vehicles simultaneously.

Skellefteå Kraft supplies 158 ultra-rapid charging stations at OKQ8 locations throughout Sweden. The company generates renewable electricity from its own wind, hydro, and bioenergy facilities and is in charge of setting up, maintaining, and providing power to the stations.

With the increasing demand for more EV charging points, the popularity of electric vehicles is also on the rise. More companies are utilizing these green technologies to enable mobility, from big trucks for supply chain logistics to small vehicles for daily transport, further encouraging the industry to create new innovations.

For example, Spanish automaker Seat has launched its Seat Mó 50 electric moped in Sweden. The electric moped boasts a four kW motor and a 5.6 kWh battery that can offer a range of up to 172 km per charge.

The moped is equipped with three driving modes — Eco, City and Sport, which cater to different driving requirements.

Seat Mó 50 can be charged in two ways — using a charging cable while the moped is parked or removing the battery and charging it from a standard wall socket.

Sverige (disambiguation)

Sverige is the Swedish language name for Sweden. Sverige may also refer to: HSwMS Sverige, a Swedish coastal defence ship used by the Swedish Navy, 1915–1953 Sverige , (wikipedia)