Stockholm-based transport company Einride and Dutch truck manufacturing company DAF have solidified their partnership by signing a letter of intent confirming their joint commitment to delivering 50 fully electric New Generation DAF trucks.

The initial batch of these 50 vehicles has already been requested and is scheduled to be delivered this year.

Einride has ordered DAF XD series electric trucks with various configurations for customers. These trucks will have three to five batteries and can travel up to 500 kilometers emission-free.

They will also come with DAF’s all-inclusive repair and maintenance package, serviced by their vast network of over 1,100 dealer facilities across Europe.

Einride’s general manager for Europe, Robert Ziegler, said the company aspires to choose top truck manufacturers renowned for their exceptional technical performance, noting that DAF is an excellent partner in Einride’s global expansion of electric vehicles.

Ziegler believed that the collaboration between DAF and Einride has the potential to set a new standard for efficient and sustainable transportation. By combining DAF’s advanced technology solutions with Einride’s expertise in freight mobility, they can meet customers’ changing needs and drive innovation in the industry.

Director of marketing and sales and member of DAF’s board Richard Zink commended Einride for pioneering innovative mobility solutions powered entirely by electric vehicles. He said his company is pleased to supply Einride with the most advanced generation of battery electric vehicles.

DAF XD, XF Series

The electric vehicles in the DAF’s latest XD and XF series are designed for emission-free distribution and commercial traffic. They feature efficient PACCAR EX-D1 and PACCAR EX-D2 electric motors and are equipped with two to five batteries, offering a combined capacity of up to 525 kWh.

The new DAF XD and XF electric trucks are manufactured at the recently launched DAF Electric Truck Assembly facility at the DAF Trucks site in Eindhoven, which started operating in April 2023.

The new factory consists of two assembly lines, each serving a specific purpose. One line is dedicated to assembling the battery packs, while the other focuses on mounting high-voltage components like batteries and the driveline onto the chassis.

Thorough inspections are conducted at the final stations to ensure that every truck undergoes meticulous checks and is in excellent working condition.


Scania, also known by its native name of Skåne , Danish: ), is the southernmost of the historical provinces of Sweden. Located in the south tip of the geographical region of Götaland, (wikipedia)


Einride AB is a Swedish transport company based in Stockholm, Sweden, specializing in electric and self-driving vehicles known as Einride pods . (wikipedia)