The Swedish company Volvo Lastvagnar AB delivered the first two electric heavy-duty trucks to DSV Road AB at its Gothenburg terminal on May 5. These trucks, named Volvo FH Electric, are fully electric three-axle tractors specifically designed for long-distance transportation.

With an estimated range of 300 km per charge, they will be used on a fixed route between Gothenburg and Skövde, ensuring zero CO2 emissions throughout their journeys.

In regard to specifics, Volvo’s hydrogen-powered fuel cell trucks incorporate two fuel cells capable of generating 300 kW of electric power. These fuel cells utilize green hydrogen, which is produced from renewable energy sources such as wind, water and sunlight.

Senior director of production UK/IE & Automotive at DSV Road AB Magnus Sjödell takes pride in contributing to the drive towards climate-neutral and sustainable transport.

He said DSV Road AB is initiating the electrification of long-distance transportation in Sweden in collaboration with Volvo Trucks. This initiative represents another significant step towards the company’s overarching goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

Volvo, DSV’s commitments to fossil-free transportation

Volvo Trucks offers various options for haulage companies aspiring to provide emission-free transportation. It has six distinct models of battery electric trucks available, along with trucks that can run on renewable fuels like biogas.

According to the CEO of Volvo Trucks, Roger Alm, immediate action is essential to combat global warming. Regardless of the nature of the transportation task or the geographical location of their customers, waiting is not a viable choice.

Alm also said that Volvo Trucks envisions empowering its customers to eliminate CO2 emissions from their trucks in a matter of few years.

DSV, meanwhile, has actively participated in a diverse range of initiatives aimed at promoting sustainability and advancing fossil-free transportation. It employs electric, biogas and HVO 100-powered smaller distribution vehicles and heavy vehicles fueled by fossil-free alternatives for long-distance transport.

The Danish transport and logistics company is also involved in a German research initiative focusing on electrifying road transport, exploring the potential of in-motion charging on highways.

Volvo Lastvagnar

Aktiebolag, även Volvo Trucks, är en svensk lastbilstillverkare som ingår i Volvokoncernen som dotterbolag till Aktiebolaget Volvo. Volvo Lastvagnar har sitt huvudkontor i Lundby, Göteborg (wikipedia)

Volvo FH

The Volvo FH is a heavy truck range manufactured by the Swedish company Volvo Trucks. It was originally introduced in late 1993 as the FH12 and FH16. FH stands for Forward control High entry, (wikipedia)