‍Solid Vind & Sol and the charging operator Nimbnet have established a collaboration with a common goal of energy production in connection with Nimbnet’s charging stations with energy storage for heavy vehicles in Sweden.

The companies intend to install larger solar cell facilities on roofs and ground where Nimbnet develops charging stations for the heavy vehicle industry. This is an important part of the electrification of the Swedish automotive industry with the goal of keeping global warming within the IPCC’s 1.5 degree target.

– It feels very good that we have drawn up an agreement together with Nimbnet. The electrification of our automotive industry places great demands on future electricity production, above all at the local level in connection with charging. Our expertise in planning, project management, financing and installation of larger solar cell installations, together with Nimbnet’s expertise in charging, means that we create a comprehensive solution that is not available on the market today, says Johan Ovansjö, COO at Solid Vind & Sol.

Nimbnet is currently building charging stations in Nordmaling, Sundsvall, Enåner and Gothenburg with the support of the Energy Agency and intends to expand strongly to help heavy transport reduce its emissions.

– This collaboration with Solid Vind & Sol makes it easier to fulfill our goal of accelerating the electrification of heavy transport, so this feels very good. Nimbnet’s goal is to build charging stations for heavy electric vehicles as quickly as possible in the white gaps between all other charging operators so that we get a nationwide network. One of the major challenges is to produce power in the electricity grid within a reasonable time at a reasonable cost. With solar cell installations, we can produce electricity locally and thereby reduce the power demand from the electricity grid, says Torbjörn Nordling, Project Manager at Nimbnet.

The first charging station will be ready to supply electricity to Sweden’s heavy vehicles in May 2024.

For further information please contact:
Johan Ovansjö, COO at Solid Wind & Sol
Mail: johan@solidvindsol.se

Elias Ek, Marketing Manager at Nimbnet AB
Mail: elias.ek@nimbnet.com

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