Nimbnet’s mission is to help the whole of Sweden make the transition to electric heavy transports. As such we are also very excited when we can see our peers setting up their charging stations. It is only by working together that we can ensure that products can flow green and clean from one end of our country to the other.

Municipality-owned power company Skellefteå Kraft has just opened northern Sweden’s first public fast chargers for heavy transports. Fredrik Jonsson, department head for E-mobility at Skellefteå Kraft is quoted as saying that what is unique about this push for rapid charging of heavy vehicles is that all the actors from the entire value chain are collaborating. The transition to renewable electricity as the main energy source is crucial for a sustainable social transition. With renewable energy, we can drive the transition through, among other things, electrified transport and vehicles. Nimbnet applauds the efforts and firmly agrees that will take unprecedented cooperation by all players.

In total, SEK 9.5 million has been invested in the Skellefteå Kraft charging station. Three trucks will be able to be charged at the same time with an output of 300 kW. They have purchased Sicharge D chargers from Siemens. The station is partly financed by climate investment support from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

Nimbnet’s charging station in Nordmaling will be a cozy 180-kilometer ride south of the charger in Skelleftehamn. We are opening up in Q3 2023, together we will build a nationwide network of chargers.

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