On the afternoon of August 28, 2023, Stockholm’s Medborgarplatsen came alive with the buzz of electric excitement. Our partner, Keego Mobility, a Taiwan-based ebike company dedicated to revolutionizing urban mobility, hosted an exciting event that showcased their innovative delivery bikes to the citizens of Stockholm. Nimbnet, a new Swedish charge point operator specializing in heavy transport, proudly collaborated with Keego Mobility to promote sustainable solutions for last-mile deliveries. Let’s take a ride through the highlights of this remarkable day.

The Keego Mobility Ebike Testing Event was a hands-on experience for anyone curious about the future of urban transportation. Attendees had the unique opportunity to explore and test ride the latest KG4 ebike model developed by Keego Mobility. The KG4 is designed to excel in last-mile deliveries and features a front and rear rack with dual batteries made for long rides. It also has premium shock absorbers and built-in tire protection to ensure a reliable and comfortable ride. Its sleek design and impressive performance turned heads, showcasing the potential for ebikes to revolutionize urban logistics.


KG4 Ebike from Keego Mobility


Lightning Hub – A future collaboration


Nimbnet, as a new member in the Swedish transport landscape, made its first public appearance by supporting this event. Their vision for a greener and more sustainable future aligned perfectly with Keego Mobility’s mission. Together, they introduced “Lightning Hub”, a courier hub concept that offers charging infrastructure and efficient space for freight logistics to heavy transport fleets and last-mile couriers. The hub will provide restrooms and temporary shelter to the hardworking couriers and drivers that service the cities. This collaboration reflects the commitment of both companies to reducing environmental impact while improving delivery efficiency.

During the event, the Keego and Nimbnet staff connected with the attendees and uncovered valuable feedback for the upcoming Lightning Hub concept. Some key points emerged from these conversations:

  1. Amenities: Couriers stressed the importance of facility amenities like restrooms, which poses a challenge for delivery workers, especially women. This feedback highlights the practical needs of individuals involved in last-mile delivery services.
  2. Availability: Availability of services was a top concern. Some mentioned specific areas of interest for Uber Eats, including Södermalm, Östermalm, Kungsholmen, and Odenplan. They underscored the importance of easily accessible stations for drivers, recognizing the advantage this would provide.
  3. Safety: To ensure that the hub is not misused for other purposes or taken advantage of by non-couriers and non-drivers, it is essential to incorporate safety and security measures around the clock.

As Nimbnet and Keego’s joint goal is to promote better working conditions for delivery couriers and improve sustainability, any suggestion is welcome! Please shoot us your suggestions.


Congratulations to Keego Mobility for a successful event!


The Keego Mobility Ebike Testing Event was not just about testing the latest technology; it was a celebration of community and sustainability. Attendees mingled, shared stories, and forged connections with like-minded individuals who are passionate about creating a greener, more connected world. Nimbnet’s collaboration with Keego Mobility demonstrated the power of partnership in advancing sustainable transportation solutions. Stay tuned for more exciting developments and let’s continue to ride toward a greener tomorrow.

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