Nimbnet Fast Charger in Nordmaling

About this location:

Our Nordmaling site offers a strategic location. The site is just 800 meters from a safe two-plane exit of the E4 highway. Traffic data shows an average daily traffic (ADT) of 401-800 vehicles. Across the road, Rundvik godsterminal facilitates seamless cargo transfer between trucks and rails. Further down the road, SCA Wood operates Rundvik Sawmill with approximately 40,000 70-ton timber and lumber transport trucks annually, translating to roughly one truck every 13 minutes. Construction of a new sawmill estimated to have twice the number of transports is under investigation by SCA and Holmen.

Further enhancing the site’s appeal is the presence of another heavy industry, Olofsfors AB, in Nordmaling. This company specializes in steel products for heavy equipment using Nordic recycled steel in their products. They are known for their market-leading quality. Their innovative production process leverages genuine steel and technical expertise to deliver superior results. The Nordmaling site strategically sits between the towns of Umeå (60km) and Örnsköldsvik (54km), making it an ideal location considering AFIR criteria.

Nimbnet’s plan:

Nimbnet AB is constructing a fast charging station for heavy-duty vehicles on the site with estimated completion in July/August 2024. Nimbnet has also partnered with hydrogen providers to establish a clean fueling hub at this location. Recognizing the growing importance of heavy industry, the Nordmaling municipality actively supports Nimbnet’s construction on this site. Currently, the site has access to 1.5 MW of power from the high voltage grid.

Nearby Facilities:

Rundvik godsterminal provides convenient restroom and lounge facilities for professional drivers across the road, some 300 m walk. For dining options, Roma Pizzeria is within walking distance (1.1km, 16 minutes), and Rundviks Liv offers a selection of convenience items next to it. Nimbnet is planning to build a restaurant on the property later on. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy the facilities at IFK Rundvik, which has a great running/ski track.

Nimbnet fast charging station at Nordmaling

Nimbnet Station Nordmaling