Nimbnet fast charging station at Nordmaling

Nimbnet Fast Charger in Nordmaling

Welcome to Nimbnet’s Nordmaling Fast Charging Station, situated in the beautiful city of Nordmaling. As a hub for the timber and steel industry, Nordmaling serves as a crucial location for shipping these products southward. Supported by the Swedish Energy Agency, our station, in collaboration with the municipality and Virta, plays a vital role in promoting sustainable transportation and clean energy practices.

Our charging station, featuring six charge points with a capacity of up to 350kW per charger, offers fast and efficient charging services for electric vehicles and trucks alike. Being part of Virta’s network of 70,000 stations across 34 countries, we provide seamless connectivity and convenience to electric vehicle owners traveling from near and far. Our dynamic booking system assists truck operators in planning reliable delivery routes, ensuring efficient and streamlined transportation processes. And our dynamic pricing provides incentives to charge when there is plenty of power at a lower price.

Located amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of Nordmaling, our station is a crucial pitspot for those who enjoy outdoors activities like fishing and hunting. The surrounding landscapes, including forests and lakes, make it an ideal spot to recharge both vehicles and oneself.

Our Nordmaling fast charger is about 206 kilometer from our fast charger in Sundsvall and 346 kilometers from the fast charger in Söderhamn. We invite you to be part of the sustainable transportation revolution and explore the Nordmaling Charging Station. Together, let’s drive towards a greener and more connected future

Nordmaling Faste Charger for Heavy Vehicles

Nordmaling Area Transportation Companies

There are many local transport companies who we invite to use our Nordmaling Fast Chargers.

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