Nimbnet Fast Charger in Nordmaling

The most northern of Nimbnet’s fast chargers is located in Nordmaling, Vasterbotten.

Nordmaling is a beautiful city where the economy is dominated by the timber and steel industries, both heavy industries that need to ship their products south to their customers.

Beautiful nature experiences, fishing, hunting and many sports bring tourists to Nordmaling.

All these transports and visitors will need to charge their cars and heavy vehicles at the Nimbnet Fast Charger.

Our Nordmaling fast charger is about an 206 kilometer drive from our fast charger in Sundsvall and 346 kilometers from the fast charger in Söderhamn.

Nordmaling Faste Charger for Heavy Vehicles

Nordmaling Area Transportation Companies

There are many local transport companies who we invite to use our Nordmaling Fast Chargers.

More information for Private Drivers

More information for Transport Fleets

Transport companies in the Nordmaling, Vasterbotten area