Nimbnet Fast Charger in Losjö

About this location:

This site is strategically situated 17 km north of central Söderhamn between Gävle and Hudiksvall, with travel distances of 96 km and 38 km, respectively. Our Losjö site boasts a convenient location just 280 meters from a safe, two-plane exit on the E4 highway. This proximity ensures easy access for all vehicles. Traffic data indicates an average daily traffic (ADT) of 801-1200 vehicles, further adding to the site’s strategic value. 

The site currently has access to 700 kW of power through the low voltage grid, catering to the operational needs. Nimbnet AB is constructing a fast charging station for heavy-duty vehicles and plan to install a battery energy storage system, as well as local solar generation on the site, boosting this to a peak of 2MW. Since the hydrogen facility can build up pressure, which consumes most power, during the night when the charging demand is low these two facilities are a perfect complement.

Nimbnet’s plan:

Nimbnet AB is constructing a fast charging station for heavy-duty vehicles on the site with estimated completion in July/August 2024. Nimbnet has also partnered with Hydrogen providers to establish a clean fueling hub at this location. Nimbnet AB is also providing restroom access and and a lounge with vending machines, then a restaurant at a later date.

Nearby Facilities:

Rastplats Alebosjön, located approximately 1.9 km away (25 minutes walk), also provides accessible toilets with dedicated facilities for people with disabilities and travellers with infants. This scenic spot also offers a picturesque setting for enjoying a meal outdoors for people that want to take a walk while fuelling up. If you’re looking for a refreshing dip, Järsjöns Badplats, is also nearby, at a distance of 3.3 km along small forest roads.

Nimbnet Station Losjö