Nimbnet Fast Charger in Gotland Ring


Lärbro Storugns 2741, 624 53 Lärbro, SE

Operating Hours based on Gotland Ring

400kW     CCS2     2 charge points  


Nimbnet welcomes you to charge your electric trucks, cars, and racecars!

Nestled amidst Sweden’s largest island, Gotland Ring has long been a haven for motorsports enthusiasts and a hub for innovation.  Our fast charging station features Kempower’s fast charger and is capable of delivering an astonishing 400 kW of power. It is also integrated with Virta’s platform for easy payment.

Read more about the launch of our station here.

Visit Gotland Ring

Gotland Ring is the world’s first sustainable race and test circuit. The unique race track is one of the most exciting and technically demanding track profiles ever realized. 100 % of the electricity used at the facility is derived from sustainable energy sources (wind and solar). The atmosphere is different to other tracks in Europe; more relaxed and flexible in many ways.

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GotlandRing Nimbnet station
Nimbnet charger equipment sheet

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