Experience lightning-fast charging solutions for heavy-duty vehicles at our fast charging stations.

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Nimbnet Charging Line

Optimize Your Time

Nimbnet’s satellites are spaced so you can charge your tractor and trailer at the same time, minimizing the time you spend charging each battery.

All About Teamwork

We welcome fleet operators who are interested in establishing chargers at their depot. We’re happy to work on public and private stations!

Batteries are not fuel tanks. We should not fill them up and deplete them completely.

Every electric vehicle and its battery are unique depending on its exact chemistry, temperature control system, and ambient temperature.

There is an optimal State of Charge that your battery should stay within to charge quickly and increase longevity. Considering the battery is, in most cases, the most expensive component of your EV, there are significant gains to win here.

When driving in cold climates, the benefits of staying within the optimal State of Charge are even more pronounced.

big rig heavy duty vehicle charging
Nimbnet Electric Vehicle Charging Curves

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