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Sign up your fleet of battery electric trucks with Nimbnet to access our charger network and Smart Charging App.

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Optimize Your Route

Our Nimbnet Smart Charging App will show you the best route to your destination and show you where to charge for how long.

Optimize Your Charging

Optimize your charging for your vehicle, battery and destination. This will save you time and increase the longevity of your battery up to four times.


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Partner with us and increase the value to all customers.

The Nimbnet Smarter Charging system helps your customers calculate the optimal routes and charging times to enable them to save money, time to decrease Total Cost of Ownership.

The customer inputs information about their vehicle, destination and when they wish to arrive. We create Digital Twins of their Vehicles and Batteries, and based on this gives the best advice.


Batteries are not fuel tanks. We should not fill them up full and drive until we brave EMPTY.

Every electric vehicle and their battery are unique depending on the exact chemistry used, their temperature control system and ambient temperature.

There is an optimal State of Charge your battery should stay within to charge the fastest and increase the longevity. Considering the battery is in most cases the most expensive component of your EV, there are significant gains to win here.

When driving in cold climates, there are benefits of staying within the optimal State of Charge are even more pronounced.

As you are using our network, we create Digital Twins of your battery and vehicle and the Nimbnet Smart Charging App will help you manage your charging so you get to your destination on time while saving the most money, time and battery wear as possible.

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Charging Curves for popular BEVs

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