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Accelerating electrification of transportation to reach the 1.5°C target.

Road transport represent 21.1% of total emissions green house gas emissions in the European Union. Heavy‐duty trucks and buses are responsible for 5.6% of the total. If we will have a chance to curb the climate crisis, we need to help the people who transport goods from A to B to be greener.

We hope you will join us on this journey. We all want to pass on a cleaner and better world to our children. We need not just customers but also new colleagues. 


To build our company and charger network we have recruited a technology-agnostic consortium of industry professionals and partners dedicated to delivering Cost to Destination as a Service (CtDaaS).

We are rethinking transportation based on first principles to provide Cost to Destination as a Service using software and a network of EV fast chargers coupled with grid battery storage

how we do it

We use behavioral data on drivers/passengers, batteries, and the power grid to build digital twins and minimize time to destination, cost of transportation, energy consumption and imbalances, and environmental impact, while maximizing human well being.

Our role is to through openness CONNECT and CONTRIBUTE to all aspects of the electrified transportation value chain. We work with OEMs, local landowners, electrical utilities, local municipalities, and logistics companies to speed up the green transition and ensure that charging stations are not only built in optimal locations but provide the maximum amount of public benefit.

We deliver lower cost-to destination, maximise battery endurance and human well-being. We sell Cost to Destination as a Service, i.e. optimised energy routes, through a monthly vehicle subscription to EV fleet and charging station operators; electricity on a price to destination model to EV fleet operators; energy demand forecasting and smoothing to charging station and grid operators; power as balancing products (FCR) to grid operators; and digital twins of batteries to leasing, dealerships, and insurance companies. To deliver optimal customer experience we also install smart chargers at end-use facilities, such as warehouses and distribution hubs.

WHy we do it

We all have our own motivations, but we do all care about making Nimbnet successful because of the value it will future generations of humanity.

We all have our own motivations, but we do all care about making Nimbnet successful because of the value it will future generations of humanity.

Do you agree with us? We need people who can be passionate about our mission like just we are.

I want my two sons to have the same opportunities as I have had. I don’t want them to become climate refugees because I did nothing.

Julia Lindholm

We have two sons. Who are we, my wife and I, to leave a debt to next generation? My passion is to in every way contribute with our and my own climate footprint to be climate positive, from now on. There is no plan B for us.

Ingemar Persson

To continue burning dinosaurs when we HAVE better alternatives makes no sense! We need to change our whole transportation system to use cleaner vehicles, sized for the purpose. I am proud that Nimbnet gives me a chance to be part of the solution.

Elias Ek